Monitoring & Protection

LICADHO Canada’s main Monitoring & Protection activities:

1. Respond to community emergencies and activities, at the request of LICADHO, partners and/or community leaders, to observe and document evictions, demonstrations, etc. Monitors are trained in First Aid and for emergency response to tear gas. Monitoring and documenting events, and provision of protective accompaniment as needed, decreases the threat of violence from authorities. The documented events are shared with relevant partners, media, campaigns, lawyers, and community leaders.

2. Facilitate leadership training workshops and sharing circles for community, union, and informal group leaders on topics of conflict coaching, Active Non-Violence, and security/protection, all which increase self-esteem and capacity, and increase sustainability of activism.

3. Provide social and emotional support to individual community leaders and human rights activists and their families, with a specific focus on first and second tier leadership. Support includes emergency grants, social service referrals to address traumatic impact and other challenges, technical support, and mentoring leaders on how to efficiently navigate the NGO systems and access services.