Promotion & Advocacy

LICADHO Canada’s main Promotion & Advocacy activities:

1. Produce multimedia advocacy materials aimed at raising awareness and stimulating systemic change on local and international levels. Produce video and advocacy materials in cooperation with LICADHO, WITNESS, and/or communities to be used by communities, development partners, campaigns, and the international media as video evidence of events. Videos also work as powerful advocacy materials for change. Produce videos for social media channels and visibility by the general public.

2. Facilitate creative advocacy workshops to support communities and partners to produce/edit music videos and CDs, and use creative expression to aid in community rehabilitation and in creating innovative advocacy materials, used at demonstrations, other community actions and campaigns.

3. Design and market Human Rights Defender Apparel, a range of clothing, bags and other items with human rights messages printed on fair trade products. Profits are used to support Cambodian human rights defenders and their families.