LICADHO Canada (LC) produces multi-media tools in cooperation with LICADHO and community leaders, and with editing and training support from WITNESS. These multi-media tools are used by partners and communities as part of campaigns, workshops, trainings, and national and international advocacy efforts.

LC stores all raw video, picture and sound files and these files are shared freely with local and international partners, media outlets and independent filmmakers. Select files are shared through social media sites.

LC shares photos with LICADHO. For photos of land rights and other human rights issues, visit: LICADHO’s Photo Album page.

Khmer and English videos can be found on the LICADHO/LICADHO Canada YouTube channel, LICADHO Canada Vimeo channel and on LICADHO website.

Creative Commons License
All work by LICADHO/LICADHO Canada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.