HRD Apparel

After the January 2009 violent eviction of Dey Krahorm, LICADHO Canada (LC) and community leaders began the Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Apparel project to raise funds for evicted Dey Krahorm families. Under the slogan, ‘Put the human back into human rights!’, HRD Apparel produces a range of clothing, bags and other items with powerful human rights messages printed on fair trade products with an inside tag referring back to LICADHO website for more information about Cambodia’s human rights situation. On each item, a small patch of the Cambodian blue traditional scarf (‘kramar’), which has become a nationwide symbol of human rights defenders in Cambodia, is visible. These items are sold to national and international human rights defenders and human rights partners, and profits from the HRD Apparel project provide victim assistance and emergency care to Cambodian human rights defenders.

If you are interested to purchase or distribute HRD Apparel, or if you just want to learn more, please contact